Montgomery Brinkman

Select Montgomery Brinkman and you will get more than just a facility service contractor. We put as much emphasis on the quality of our relationship with you as we do on the quality of our work.

Armor Mechanical

Armor Mechanical has some of the finest tradesmen in the industry. Each one is highly skilled and trained to install your equipment and service your facility, responding promptly 24/7 with commitment to your issues and concerns.

Rapid Restoration

Minnesota property owners face a lot of threats to the safety and security of their property. Fortunately, no matter the threat faced by your property, you have the disaster recovery experts at Rapid Restoration on your side.


Strap Lizard is a device that winds excess strap when using ratchet straps. Simply tighten the ratchet, wind up the excess strap, and clip the Strap Lizard to the load.

Why Choose MB Companies?

Our fully specialized service trucks and equipment are designed to meet every challenge. And, if cusotmization is required, we have innovative and resourceful people to make it happen. We believe in quality of work and quality of relationships. Tight schedules don't scare us. Your deadline is our deadline. We know how to work smart and efficiently to get the job done. You'll get a prompt response and a highly skilled tradesman to take on your job.

Our Divisions

MB Companies is proud to offer the following services, but we've never come across a job that we couldn't tackle and accomplish, so if you don't see what you're looking for on our list of divisions, please ask us.


If it's broken, we can fix it. If it needs a coat of paint, we can paint it. We have what it takes to repair, install, maintain, and touch up.


We can breakt it down and build it up again with greater functionality and appeal, respecting your time and space along the way.


We provide rock solid service when it comes to replacing and repairing your concrete, brick, and mortar.


We're not blowing hot air when we say that our HVACR service is top-notch and timely, meeting your needs 24/7.


We light up when our electrical division is dispatched. We make sure you light up too, providing everything from electrical installation to maintenance to repair.


When it comes to your facility, people will judge a book by its cover, so we've got you covered. Your property will look great and stay safe for visitors.


We can cut and weld your way to success by inventing and manufacturing what you need, when you need it.


If the unexpected happens and you need an immediate reponse to repair and protect your property, make one call and rest easy.


We ensure restrooms, kitchens, laboratories and cleanrooms function properly.


We can get a visual on your drains to spot problems and get past them.


When it comes to millwrighting, we're on the level. We can align, level, and install wherever you need.


Our pipe fitters are some of the best in the business, bringing their technical and skilled meethods to your facility.


If we work on prevention now, we alleviate problems down the road. Make sure your facility and the people in it are safe and secure with preventative maintenance.


If a pipe breaks or a flood happens, we're there in a moment's notice to inspect, extract, dry and clean it up.


When fire and smoke invades your space, it can leave a lasting impression. Our fire & smoke division will clean it up and clear out the air.


When a catastrophe hits, we're your first call. We'll get you up and running, fast and efficiently. Reconstruction from the ground up, 24/7/365 response.


We'll pick it up, document it, clean it up, store it, and return it.


Mold and lead are dangerous, but you'll rest easy with our highly skilled professionals on your job.


We put as much emphasis on the quality of our relationship with you as we do on the quality of our work. We are a self-performing company with 24 hour service answered by a live operator and we provide on-line service requests directly from our website for a fast turnaround.